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Pivacy Policy Privacy Policy    

If you use our Website, all of you have to follow the Privacy Policy of this website, otherwise I can block you from our website forever.So all of you will read our website Privacy Policy Carefully.

Children's Policy 

If you are 13 years old. So you can use this site, because you will get only informative information on our website but if you are not 13 years old then please do not use this site. Because this site provides information about VFX and Animation. It is not important for children.

Terms and Condition 
  • You will get informative information on our website, so I request you not to share any post OF our website in any wrong place.
  • Do not make any false comments on any post on our website, otherwise your comment will be removed from our site.
  • If our website's privacy policy changes in the future, you will be notified before the privacy policy changes.

Cookies Policy

Cookies are data used by a web browser. Cookies can be used on our website in the future.


Our website will use ads in future, such as Google Adsense ads.

Changes in Privacy Policy

If any necessary changes are made in the privacy policy of our website in future, then all the readers will be informed before the change.

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The information available on our website is not copied from anywhere, this information has been collected by us. So we have full authority over this, so do not try to copy the information available on our site.