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How do you find work how do you break into the visual effects industry if you're student studying visual effects and you're about to break into the workforce or if you're somebody that's self-taught and you're looking for jobs and visual effects I think that the best thing that you can do is go to a country that has a lot more opportunities available for you now I've never had to deal with this myself because I live and work in Los Angeles and it's relatively easy for me to find work in visual effects however there are many countries out in the world that have great visual effects markets.

VFX  Jobs in Bolliwood and Holliwood Industry

Self-taught visual effects artist from a small town in India I think the best place for your start is with Bollywood cinema bollywood cinema is a billion dollar film industry like the Hollywood film industry is in the United States and it's a great place for you to gain experience and to get familiar with production and the pipeline and how things work there are many volume films that use visual effects and there are many studios in India that you can start working with from there you can consider moving to another country that does more mainstream Hollywood stuff and go from there if you want to go straight for Hollywood visual effects though I highly recommend going straight to a country that has a VFX house that does a lot with major productions in Hollywood is a good example of that Wetty is an award-winning studio that does visual effects for a lot of major movies and blockbusters and because it's such an acclaimed studio you're gonna get a lot of great experience you're gonna meet a lot of interesting and talented people that are gonna teach you a lot and it's gonna be an overall better learning experience.

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ILM is another big one probably the biggest visual effects studio in the world Rhythm & Hues double- image works Framestore image engine and that's just to name a few there are a ton of visual effects studios around the world that you can apply for that work 
and I would say just try and find jobs at those studios I'm a firm believer that if you work with the best you'll definitely get the best for yourself you'll grow a lot quicker and a lot faster and you'll find that success is a lot easier to attain because you're surrounding yourself with people that are constantly succeeding you start to develop the traits .

successful just by symbiosis so with that said if you want to do visual effects for major Hollywood movies I highly recommend moving to a country that does have big visual effects markets and working your way up from there I know it may not be what a lot of you want to hear but it's kind of the reality of it if you're in a place that doesn't really have a market for visual effects it's really really difficult to freelance remotely obviously because a lot of big productions have security protocols that need to be followed and because Studios already use major production houses to do a lot of the work finding remote freelance gigs for big-budget stuff is nearly impossible. 


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