What is Rotoscoping?

Hey guys and welcome to another very exciting quick VFX post. In today's post, I will tell you what rotoscoping is, and how it works.

What is Rotoscoping?

Do you ever need to remove or eject a person from a moving object or shot but you just can't. Don't know how you didn't use the green screen and somehow keying them elegantly. To do it just seems to fail horrifically, this is where rotoscoping comes into play in this video.

What is Rotoscoping?

I want to explain why there is actually rot? Useful and you want to do everything in your power so as to avoid wherever possible the term aseptic actually comes from the good old days when adding visual effects to artists to manually trace on a film frame at a time Used or in one shot each frame of the animation film would be projected on a transparent easel where the artists would do their work.

The contraceptive used to project this image was called the rotoscope whereas now everything has gone to Wonderfu Roto is the term for rotoscoping or short in the world of computers and is offered with Adobe After Effects and other visual effects compositing tools intended to distinguish the task of painting on a visual element frame from the rest of the frame. 

You can achieve this by following the elements that you want to roto if you have your own After Effects cs5 or after that you can also use the rotor brush tool for which I already have on this channel Same tutorial If you didn't know beforehand rotoscoping is not an enjoyable task. It can be incredibly time consuming and tedious and can cause you to shake your head repeatedly at your keyboard. Ideally you can do this during the process. Want to consider which visual elements you need to separate or remove before shooting your scene.

In return you can use the green screen for example, if you can't use the green screen, there are still many things you can do to make your life easier. Must see Motion Blur Reducing motion blur can be tricky to deal with rotoscoping with a high shutter speed and you can always add it back later. 


Make sure you burn it properly and the items you see on a Clear and planning to stand separately against all. This course of background elements means that you avoid the actor wearing or being black and moving into a dark forest at night, when the scene is out of focus and not going to fly in the end, you make sure That you shoot any clean space that you may need. 
To make it easier to separate visual elements, I always have the rotor brush tool once the artists have to get into rotoscoping to separate the visual elements in post. Would recommend using After Effects or Advanced Tracker like Mocha to help create this tedious process. Masking frame by frame for more than one second can make you completely insane so I would avoid you in any way I really hope you enjoyed this post.

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