What is CGI (Computer Genereted Imagery )

What is CGI (Computer Genereted Imagery )

What is CGI (Computer Generated Imagery )

CGI- Computer Generated Imagery.

CGI is a technique through which large sets are made in films, although these scenes are made from computers that are fake, but in any film you cannot identify which scene is real and which is fake.

In films, CGI is used to create large sets such as a castle scene, a waterfall scene, a mountain view, a dangerous animal scene.In general, anything digitally created on a computer is called CGI. Any scene can be created easily through CGI.CGI is a technique used to create characters, scenes, and special effects in movies, television, and games. Nowadays, CGI is mostly used, because it is cheaper than physical methods.

Which film was the first to use CGI?

The first to use CGI was the film "Westworld".After this movie, the trend of CGI gradually started increasing.

Which is The first Bollywood movie to use computer generated imagery?

The gentleman was the first film in the Bollywood industry to use CGI technology, using CGI technology to show a scene featuring a teenager's heart after a bombing.

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What is CGI (Computer Genereted Imagery )
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