Tom and Jerry Cartoons-First & Last Episode

Tom and Jerry Cartoons-First & Last Episode

Hello Friends, My name is Sunil Pareek and in today's post, I will tell you how Tom and Jerry cartoon  started, when was the first and last episode, and by whom did it start etc. So let's know some interesting things, if you like it, then definitely tell in the comment box.
    Puss get the boots

When and how did tom and jerry cartoon begin?

The success of the Tom and Jerry cartoon has been completed for 80 years. The Tom and Jerry cartoon was introduced in the 1940  by William hanna  and Joseph Barbara.
William Hanna & Joseph Barbera worked in the Rudolf Isiing Unit of MGM Cartoon Company in 1930. Around that time, cartoons of the MGM company were flopped badly., and the company's financial condition was also deteriorating.
After this William Hanna & Joseph Barbera worked together to create a show called "Puss Gets the Boots" in the year 1940 based on a rat and cat which people liked very much. The show was followed by a competition at the MGM company to name the rat and cat, and an employee of the same
company named the rat and cat as Tom and Jerry.

And thus more episodes of Tom and Jerry slowly began to get a lot of love from the public. And that's how the Tom and Jerry cartoons started getting success.

Tom and Jerry Cartoon

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What happened in the last episode of cartoon Tom and Jerry?

The final episode of Tom and Jerry depicts Tom's life turning into a beautiful white cat, who later becomes the girlfriend of an wealthy neighbor living near Tom, after which Tom becomes quite unhappy. 
After this, Tom gives her many precious gifts to convince the beautiful cat, but still the cat does not come to her. Jerry feels bad seeing all this, and he thinks it's good that all of this didn't happen to me and then Jerry sees his girlfriend with someone else and he goes into depression too. 
And after this, Tom and Jerry commit suicide on the railway track, and this episode is the last episode of this carton show.

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Tom and Jerry Cartoons-First & Last Episode
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