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What is computer Animation ?

What is computer Animation ?

Hello friends, in this post, I will tell you about what is computer aniamtion, how many parts it is made and how it works. So let's know some important information of animation.

What is animation?

Animation is a process in which images are shown quickly, and these images are almost equal. When we continuously view these static images in a sequence, it looks like a video animation in which the
objects and characters are moving.

Which is the first computer-animated film?

The first globally animated film is titled "FANTASMAGORIE", which was produced in France in 1908 by Emile Cohl.

What are the types of computer animation?

There are three  types of Computer Animation:-
1.3D Animation
2. 2D Animation
3.VFX (Vissual Effect)

1.  3D Animation:- 3D animation is much more engaging and lively than 2D animation. Computer to create environment, characters, visual effects etc. in 3d animation at present  Softwares are used.
3D animation is used in games, movies, television programs, interior designing, business, architecture and many other multimedia fields.
What is computer Animation ?

2.2D Animation:- To create 2d animation in olden times, everything was first painted by hand, and then they were placed on a transparent acetate sheet called cell.
Most of the computers are used to create 2D animation after computer arrival, only computer softwares are used in animation to create environment, characters, visual effects, etc.
The fact is that 2D animation is flexible enough on a wide range of platforms, making it a popular form for broadcasting videos from entertainment and multimedia.
What is computer Animation ?

3.VFX:- VFX is the short form of vissual Effect.Most scenes are shot on the Green screen to use VFX, because the vfx effects  are  easily applied  on green screen .
CGI (Computer Genreted Imagery) is used to make almost scenes in a VFX.

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What is computer Animation ?
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