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Difference between VFX and Animation

Difference between VFX and Animation

Difference between VFX and Animation

Animation Meaning:-Animation is a process in which drawing, designing, layout and photography sequences are done, which are then converted into multimedia or gaming.

VFX Meaning:-The meaning of VFX is Vissual Effects.

what is VFX?

VFX is a type of computer animation in which visual effects work is done. If you want to know more about the VFX, then you can read the posts below.
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what is animation?

Animation is a process in which images are shown quickly, and these images are almost equal. When we continuously view these static images in a sequence, it looks like a video animation in which the objects and characters are moving.
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Types of Animation:-

The animation is divided into many parts, but today I will tell you about some important types of computer animation.

Computer animation is divided into three parts-
  • 2D Animation
  • 3D animation
  • VFX

Are vfx and animation the same?

Animation and VFX look alike, but in both significant difference,
The animation applied to the puppets' photographs or shapes does not seem real, whereas VFX applies to real things, scenes, logos and feels real.

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Difference between VFX and Animation
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