vfx in shivay movie

vfx in shivay movie

Shivaay Movie was released in 2016, which is an action thriller movie. The production and direction of Shivaay Movie was done by Ajay Devgan himself under his banner fffilms.Ajay Devgn's film 'Shivaay' has received the National Award for Best VFX(visual effects)  of 2016. The story and script of this story was written by Sandeep Shrivasattva and the main role in this movie is played by Ajay Devgan. Shivaay Movie has some such action and adventure scenes which are not easy to believe. Let me tell you that the scenes shown in Shivaay are all done through VFX.

What is the total budget of shvaay movie?

The total budget of Shivaay Movie was 103 crores.

Which company done vfx for shivay?

In Shivaay movie, VFX was done by "NY VFXWAALA".

How shivay movie was shot?

Vfx was used to shoot the Shiva film and some sets were also produced for the shooting of this film, but most of the scenes were shot on a blue screen, where later required via the vfx software scenes added. Below are some pictures, after which you will easily understand how VFX was used in this movie.

vfx in shivay movie
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