Saaho movie vfx and saaho vfx breakdown.

Saaho movie vfx and saaho vfx breakdown.

saaho movie vfx
Saaho movie vfx

How vfx used in saaho movie ?

SAAHO, which means in Hindi, "Jeet to Hamari Hai" is a 2019 thriller film, written and directed by Sujeet. Shraddha Kapoor and Parbhas played the actress and actor. So let's know some special things about the saaho movie.

The most important thing is that in today's films, VFX has become a common thing and it is not new to the audience. Even though VFX is used in such a large amount in any film, if the audience does not like it, it also faces criticism. Unless Shankar's film Robo 2.0 has been criticized by some viewers due to poor performance of VFX, which is one of the best films in the Bollywood industry. In the film Saaho, the audience liked parbhas look in action and the beauty of  Shraddha. But Saho also faced criticism from the audience, In this filmVFX seems fake and cartoonist. But there are some scenes in this film that the audience will like. Viewers believe that this movie vfx has not yet been fully prepared and has already been released before this movie is fully ready.

who did vfx for saaho movie?

this vfx work was done by "surpreeze vfx company".

what is the total budget and collection of bahubali?

saaho movie prepared in a budget of 350 crores and the film grossed 433.06 crores.

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saaho movie vfx breakdown

Saaho movie vfx and saaho vfx breakdown.
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