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Difference between VFX and Animation

Difference between VFX and Animation Animation Meaning:- Animation is a process in which drawing, designing, layout and photography sequ...

Which Software is used for VFX in Bolliwood & Holliwood ?

Which Software is used for VFX in Bolliwood & Holliwood ?

Which Software is used for VFX in Bolliwood & Holliwood ?
Which Software is used for VFX in Bolliwood & Holliwood ?

VFX software is computerized technology, with the help of these vfx software we can create a high quality vfx(visual effects).

When there is a type of scene in films that is not possible to be shot in reality, such scenes are created through the VFX software. For example, if filming a waterfall scene or a big ocean scene or any other such scene that is not always possible to be shot in reality, such scenes can be easily created through VFX software. 

Which Softwares are used for VFX in Bolliwood ?
  • For Modeling - MAYA,Blender,3DS Max
  • For 3D Texturing - Photoshop,Mari
  • For Rotoscoping - Nuke,Shillhoutte
  • For Compositing - Nuke,Fusion
  • For Editing - Final Cut Pro,Davinci Resolve,Premiere Pro
  • For Models - Zbrush,MudBox

Which Softwares are used for VFX in Holliwood ?

  • Autodesk Maya
  • Autodesk 3DS Max
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Nuke
  • Mocha 

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In this post I have told you, which softwares are used for VFX in Bollywood and Hollywood. If you want to know anything more related to VFX software, you can contact us through comments.
Top VFX Companies In India.

Top VFX Companies In India.

Prime Focus

It is one of the top VFX studios in India.Although Prime Focus Studio was started in the year 1997, but the production of this studio started since 1995.The owner of this studio is Namit Malhotra, who started it. Prime Focus Studio employs more than 160 employees.Prime focus studio has made a total revenue of 203.21Crore in 2019.

  • Office Location: Film Ngar,jublie Hills,Hyderabad.Prime Focus Studio's offices are also in London and Mumbai.
  • Official Website: Primefocus.Com
  • 2020 Confirmed Projects: Malang,Bhoot-The haunted ship,Bhagi-3,83,Gunjan saxena,chehra,coolie NO.-1,Dil bechara,Radhe,Thalaivi,Hathi mere sathi,Hungama-2,Gngubai kathiawadi,Prithvi raj,Bharmastra.
Top VFX Companies In India
Red Chllies

Red Chillies Entertainment is an Indian film production company, founded in 2003 by Shah Rukh Khan and his.Apart from film production, Red Chillies Company has a visual effects studio known as Red Chillies VFX, which is considered to be India's leading visual effects company. Which was established in 2005.
Red Chilli VFX Studio has done VFX in 2 films(Shubh mangal jyada savdhan,Gunjan sxena) in the year 2020.

  • Office Location:Juction of Rama Krishna mission road,santacruz(west),Mumbai.
  • Official Website: RedChillies.Com
Top VFX Companies In India
Makuta VFX

Makuta vfx studio is a top vfx studio of india,Who has won many Rewards due to the best VFX in his films. Makuta VFX is an Indian Company that does visual effects and animation.Makuta VFX Studio employs more than 70 employees The company received the National Film Award for "Magadheera" in 2010 and 2012. Makuta VFX did excellent VFX and animation work in this movie.

Makuta VFX Studio has also won many awards, such as National Film Award, Cinema Award, Filmfare Award, etc. due to its brilliant VFX. One of the highest grossing films in India, Bahubali was also produced by VFX, by Makuta VFX Studio, and due to such excellent VFX, the film also won the National Film Award.

  • Office Location: Ascent towers, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana-500024
  • Official Website: Makutavfx.Com
Top VFX Companies In India
Prana Studio

Prana Studio was established in 2003.Prana Studio is one of the top VFX studios in India, but a branch of this studio is also located in the United States of America. Three people Arish Fuzzy, Christine Dorning and Pankaj Gansagar have played their Important roles in the establishment of this studio.
Prana Studio employs more than 1000 employees, this studio has worked in many of the world's top films, such as Walt Disney, 20th Century fox, Paramount etc.

  • Office Location:Dindoshi,malad east,Mumbai,Maharastra & also in United state america. 
  • Official website: PranaStudio.Com
Top VFX Companies In India

Reliance Mediaworks

Reliance Mediaworks VFX Studio was founded in the year 1975 by Manmohan Sheti. The studio was known as "Adalibus Studio", but in 2005, the studio was renamed Reliance MediaWorks. Reliance Mediwork Studio is one of the successful VFX studios in India, which has its branches not only in India but also in many developed countries of the world like USA, Malaysia and many other countries.
  • Office location:Film city complex,goregaon east,Mumbai and also in other contries.
  • Official Website: reliancemediaworks.com
Top VFX Companies In India
TaTa Elxsi

Tata Elxsi studio was founded in 1989.Tata Elxsi Studio gained recognition due to films like Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Ek Tha Tiger and Jodha Akbar.
  • Office Location: ITPB Road, Whitefield, Bangalore.
  • Official Website: TataElsxi.Com
Top VFX Companies In India

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Hello friends, in this post I have told you about the top vfx studios in India. There are many VFX studios in India that have worked in many of the top films. If you want to know about VFX studios on any other side, you can contact us via email through comments.


How do you find work how do you break into the visual effects industry if you're student studying visual effects and you're about to break into the workforce or if you're somebody that's self-taught and you're looking for jobs and visual effects I think that the best thing that you can do is go to a country that has a lot more opportunities available for you now I've never had to deal with this myself because I live and work in Los Angeles and it's relatively easy for me to find work in visual effects however there are many countries out in the world that have great visual effects markets.

VFX  Jobs in Bolliwood and Holliwood Industry

Self-taught visual effects artist from a small town in India I think the best place for your start is with Bollywood cinema bollywood cinema is a billion dollar film industry like the Hollywood film industry is in the United States and it's a great place for you to gain experience and to get familiar with production and the pipeline and how things work there are many volume films that use visual effects and there are many studios in India that you can start working with from there you can consider moving to another country that does more mainstream Hollywood stuff and go from there if you want to go straight for Hollywood visual effects though I highly recommend going straight to a country that has a VFX house that does a lot with major productions in Hollywood is a good example of that Wetty is an award-winning studio that does visual effects for a lot of major movies and blockbusters and because it's such an acclaimed studio you're gonna get a lot of great experience you're gonna meet a lot of interesting and talented people that are gonna teach you a lot and it's gonna be an overall better learning experience.

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Job in top vfx studio

ILM is another big one probably the biggest visual effects studio in the world Rhythm & Hues double- image works Framestore image engine and that's just to name a few there are a ton of visual effects studios around the world that you can apply for that work 
and I would say just try and find jobs at those studios I'm a firm believer that if you work with the best you'll definitely get the best for yourself you'll grow a lot quicker and a lot faster and you'll find that success is a lot easier to attain because you're surrounding yourself with people that are constantly succeeding you start to develop the traits .

successful just by symbiosis so with that said if you want to do visual effects for major Hollywood movies I highly recommend moving to a country that does have big visual effects markets and working your way up from there I know it may not be what a lot of you want to hear but it's kind of the reality of it if you're in a place that doesn't really have a market for visual effects it's really really difficult to freelance remotely obviously because a lot of big productions have security protocols that need to be followed and because Studios already use major production houses to do a lot of the work finding remote freelance gigs for big-budget stuff is nearly impossible. 


if you have any questions please leave them in the comments if this is something that you've personally dealt with and understand a little better please leave your experience in the comments below.
What is Rotoscoping?

What is Rotoscoping?

Hey guys and welcome to another very exciting quick VFX post. In today's post, I will tell you what rotoscoping is, and how it works.

What is Rotoscoping?

Do you ever need to remove or eject a person from a moving object or shot but you just can't. Don't know how you didn't use the green screen and somehow keying them elegantly. To do it just seems to fail horrifically, this is where rotoscoping comes into play in this video.

What is Rotoscoping?

I want to explain why there is actually rot? Useful and you want to do everything in your power so as to avoid wherever possible the term aseptic actually comes from the good old days when adding visual effects to artists to manually trace on a film frame at a time Used or in one shot each frame of the animation film would be projected on a transparent easel where the artists would do their work.

The contraceptive used to project this image was called the rotoscope whereas now everything has gone to Wonderfu Roto is the term for rotoscoping or short in the world of computers and is offered with Adobe After Effects and other visual effects compositing tools intended to distinguish the task of painting on a visual element frame from the rest of the frame. 

You can achieve this by following the elements that you want to roto if you have your own After Effects cs5 or after that you can also use the rotor brush tool for which I already have on this channel Same tutorial If you didn't know beforehand rotoscoping is not an enjoyable task. It can be incredibly time consuming and tedious and can cause you to shake your head repeatedly at your keyboard. Ideally you can do this during the process. Want to consider which visual elements you need to separate or remove before shooting your scene.

In return you can use the green screen for example, if you can't use the green screen, there are still many things you can do to make your life easier. Must see Motion Blur Reducing motion blur can be tricky to deal with rotoscoping with a high shutter speed and you can always add it back later. 


Make sure you burn it properly and the items you see on a Clear and planning to stand separately against all. This course of background elements means that you avoid the actor wearing or being black and moving into a dark forest at night, when the scene is out of focus and not going to fly in the end, you make sure That you shoot any clean space that you may need. 
To make it easier to separate visual elements, I always have the rotor brush tool once the artists have to get into rotoscoping to separate the visual elements in post. Would recommend using After Effects or Advanced Tracker like Mocha to help create this tedious process. Masking frame by frame for more than one second can make you completely insane so I would avoid you in any way I really hope you enjoyed this post.
What is VFX ? All about VFX

What is VFX ? All about VFX

When a film requires shooting a scene that needs a big budget to shoot in reality, then This type of scene is produced via VFX.

VFX technology was also used in large quantities in the highest-grossing Hollywood film Titanic and Avatar Movie in the world. The big sea shown in the Titanic movie was in reality a swimming bridge, which was made into a big sea using VFX technology in the film. Similarly, other world people who were created in Avatar Movie were also made using VFX technology.

what is vfx
What is VFX ?

How Does VFX work?

In a film, VFX is used when special effects have to be shown in a scene. To implement vissual effects, a video is first shot on a green screen, and later the desired scene is added to the background via VFX software. If we talk about the film Bahubali then the waterfall scene shown in it was shot on a green screen and later the waterfall scene was added in the background.

Why green background is used for vfx?

The clothes and objects of an actor or actress can be of any color other than green. And thus if a scene is shot on a screen of any color other than the green screen for a VFX shot, in such a situation the VFX software does not work properly on any color other than green. And in this case, if the background color is removed with the help of vfx software, it also affects the bodypart of the actor or actress. 

A major reason is that most films use green screens to act as VFX. The green color does not match the actor's natural skin and hair color, and for this reason no editing in the VFX software can be done on any actor.The green screen effect is a technique of this type, which is green and removes curtains and combines two images or videos.

Why green background is used for vfx?
Why green background is used for vfx?

When was the first vfx used?

The first VFX in the world:-
was produced by Oscar Rejection in 1857, combining 32 negative elements into one image and creating a montage combination print.

The first VFX in India:- 

The Gentleman Movie was the first film in India to use vfx, the film depicts the condition of a teenager's heart after a bomb explosion through computer graphics.But the first such film in India which used VFX in large quantity is the Ammoru film of The Telugu film industry, which was released in 1955. and Kodi  Ramakrishna Directed this film.

Vfx was first used in the Bollywood industry in India in Ajay Devgan's film "Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha", this was told by Ajay Devgan himself in an interview.

How many types of vfx are there?

  • computer-generated imagery: Computer-generated imagery (CGI) is that the most generally used technique for generating computer graphic images, which may be utilized in medium , films, art, video, television programs, and more.
  • Bullet Time: may be a visual effects technique that detects the situation and time of the camera from the visible subject. this will be seen in broadcast advertisements, movies, graphics in video games etc.
  • Virtual Cinematography: Virtual cinematography includes a spread of subjects (such as real objects), multi-camera setups, etc. to make 3D-objects.
  • Digital Compositing: Digital compositing involves combining multiple images to make a final image, screen display, or movie. This process is administered using digital image manipulation.
  • Matte Painting: matte painting may be a process of dying to represent a landscape or distant location. This creates the illusion of an environment that can't be seen within the actual filming location.
  • Motion control Photography: Motion control photography Motion photography features a VFX technology that permits control and optional repetition of camera movements.It involves filming different elements using an equivalent camera motion and, finally, combining these components into one image.
  • Stop-motion animation: Stop motion animation may be a effect where objects are still seen moving on their own. this system may include an object, model, human, home appliance , etc.
  • Prosthetic Makeup: Prosthetic makeup is that the VFX technique where a cosmetic effect is applied to the characters.
  • Chroma key: Chroma key's also referred to as a blue or green screen effect, where two different videos are combined.It is a replacement technology and may be seen as a traveling mat and therefore the Shafton process in most films.

How many types of vfx are there?

Which software is used for vfx?

  • Nuke: This software is used for Compositing.
  • Maya: This software is used for 3D modelling and animation.
  • Arnold: This software  is used for rendering.
  • Syntheyes:This software is used for match moving.
  • ftrack: This software is used  for project management.
  • Mocha Pro: This  software is used for planar tracking and roto.
  • Trapcode Particular:This  software is used for 3D particle effects.
  • Photoshop: This software is used  for 2D image manipulation.
  • Premiere: This software is used  for editingResolve for Colour Grading.

 3D Animation Software Review.

3D Animation Software Review.

There are a lot of animation software available on Google, out of which almost there are softwares for which you have to pay. But I will tell you about such animation software which is like professional software, which you can use for free, so do check that post once.

Top 3D Animation Softwares Review

1.Blender: Is the number one software in animation software, Blender software is paid software but you can use its trial version. To run this software it is necessary to have 2 GB RAM in your laptop or pc.
With the help of Blender software, you can create characters for animation, video editing and you will get a lot of interesting features in it. Blender software is also used for VFX. You can do professional video editing on Blender software, and you can earn a good amount by uploading these videos to YouTube.

  • Rendering
  • Fast rigging
  • Python scripts
  • Video Editing
  • Compositing
  • Customizable UI
  • Visual Effects [VFX]
  • Masking
  • GPU Rendering
  • Games Creation
  • Animation Toolset
  • Simulation
  • Modeling
  • Integrate with Pipeline Tools
  • Camera and Object Motion Tracking
blender software review
Blender Software Review

2.Art of illusion: This software is also one of the best open-source software for animation, you get license to run this software. With the help of this software, you can do visual effects, make 3D animation and in this you will get many different features. To run this software it is necessary to have 2 GB RAM on your computer or laptop.

  • Rendering
  • Translator
  • Modeling
  • Texturing
  • TextureMappingt.
  • Material mapping
  • Image Filter
  • Module
Art of illusion Animation software Review

3.CrazyTalk-8 Pro: Crazy Talk 8 is free. In crazy talk softwares you get a lot of features by which you can make a good 3D animation video. The size of this software is 50 MB, this software easily runs in 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. Let us now know about the features of this software.

  • Character Creation 2D / 3D
  • Face Exporter
  • Dress up / style
  • Character Background changes
  • Auto motion
  • Text to speech option
  • Lipsing
  • Photo to animation
CrazyTalk-8 Pro Animation software review

4.Wings 3D: Number 4 is Wings 3D software, if you are looking for some easier software than Blender, Wings 3D is going to give you the option. This software is very easy to use, so if you are looking for something that is very simple and free, Wings 3D is probably a good choice.

Wings 3D Animation software review

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